CMS have successfully supported Orpington1st through their first renewal ballot with CMSLite; our technical advice package

82% of businesses in Orpington voted in favour for a second term BID by number, with 84% in favour by RV, representing an overall turnout of 45%. 

The BID was established in 2013, becoming the BID to be set up in the Bromley Borough. It has since delivered a number of place marketing and place management initiatives which have been supported by feedback from 97% of businesses in the BID area who feel strongly that the BID has been a great or good improvement for the perception of the town. 

With the backing of over £850,000 of levy investment in the next 5 years, the BID will now launch and deliver various new projects and partnerships outlined in the BIDs business plan.

Commenting on the result, Orpington1st Executive Director, Sharon Baldwins said:

“We are delighted to have received a significant increase in yes votes for the renewal of the borough’s first Business Improvement District. The result really does demonstrate the value of the BID to both individual businesses and to the town as a whole.”

BID Manager, Chris Travers added, “We’re extremely pleased that our business community have shown such strong support for the BID and we look forward to working towards an increasingly dynamic, better connected and more prosperous Orpington for a further five years."

Orpington1st will run from 2018 - 2023. 

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