BID Development

Developing a BID

We can take you step by step on the journey of how to manage a successful BID campaign and ballot– be it a Town, City or Industrial area –  from the initial feasibility study, to consultation, development of the actual business plan and finally organisation of the ballot.

Delivering a BID

We can ensure that your BID provides services that ensure businesses are seeing value in its project delivery. 

The comfort and reassurance of CMS’ robust business structures, as well as personnel, office systems, financial services, communication strategies and delivery objectives plus a real understanding of the overall national picture provides a complete BID management package.

No two locations are the same and although there are national issues affecting many locations, we understand each location has unique character and requirements. 

Renewing a BID

Success at the renewal ballot comes through hard work and experience. The process also involves being able to prove a return on investment to businesses, provide a consultation period on priorities for the next five year term, produce a business plan for term and carry out a formal ballot. 

We have extensive experience of renewal ballots and strong connections at Head Office level and boast an unrivalled track record at the ballot box.

Talk to us about BID development, or let our clients themselves talk to you.

5 stages of BID development

1 Feasibility Stage

Establishing the need; Assessing business interest; Gauging local authority support; Crude viability test; Assessing the capacity; and Raising awareness of the process.

2 Planning Stage

Establishing the vision; Research; Consultation; Database: Modelling; Proposal; and ‘Go ahead’.

3 Local Authority Stage

Baseline agreements; Operating agreements; Ballot process; Council processes; Voter database; Ballot timeline; and Levy collection.

4 Campaign Stage

Timetable; Establishing voters: Launch; Communications strategy; Ballot schedule and monitoring; and Contingency for failure at ballot.

5 Establishment Stage

Preparation for launch; Launch date; Billing procedures; Governance arrangements; Staffing and recruitment; Performance measurement; and Reporting requirements.