BID Feasibility

There are many benefits in using a consultant. But choosing the right one is crucial. A good consultant will ensure that a project is delivered with focus, and follow a clear sequence of events both strategic and operational.

The CMS team help you test the BID concept with businesses in your area to see what matters to them and what matters to their business. As we know, every place is different with individual wants and needs. We help you define whether there is an appetite for the BID concept and what potential areas of investment businesses would want to spend their money on. We help you model a potential BID zone and look at in principle what your BID might do. CMSFeasibility is the ‘go ­to’ guide for places in the initial stage of developing or renewing a BID. 

If you would like to find out more about CMSFeasibility please contact Ben Collins on 07803 847668.