CMS specialise in providing innovative engagement and consultation services to both the public and private sector. Helping them to understand the often complex composition and challenges of their place. 

Our main goal is to help you deliver yours. Our length and breadth of experience allows us to support you in very specific ways to suit your place. You might need our team on the ground for intensive periods to work on a project full­time or you might just need some technical advice on the end of the phone.

Whatever it is, we can provide it. CMSFeasibility, CMSLite or a full BID development package are just some of the routes available to you but we pride ourselves on getting under the skin of your challenges and providing bespoke consultancy to assist. 

Although we specialise in BID development we also work in place visioning and place marketing ideal for shopping centres, DMO development and local authority planning. A bespoke piece of business consultation and consultancy was commissioned by the Nottingham BID who commissioned us to conduct a consultation exercise on the viability of increasing the geographical area of the BID whilst simultaneously exploring the idea of expanding the BID membership to include the office sector. CMS achieved an excellent response rate and supplemented this with workshops to build both qualitative and quantitative results. These results were then analysed and a written report and presentation was provided to the client’s steering group so that decisions could be made on the shape of the Nottingham BID at the time of renewal.

The experience of the CMS team leads to diverse consultancy commissions. In 2017, CMS was commissioned by Birmingham City Council to provide a strategic report as to the future of BIDs across the city. This will be publicly available soon.

If you would like to chat a specific challenge through contact Ben.

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