YOOHOPP was first imagined in the lead up to Christmas 2014. Click and collect existed but retailers could not combine their products on a single site that could be adapted to represent any high street in the country. It was impossible to seamlessly shop for products that we wanted amongst all stores in our place and to choose from them all.  

In early 2015, we talked first to four of the most innovative towns and cities that we could have found anywhere in the country – Nottingham, Ipswich, Ilford and Southend. These locations were all keen to lead the way with a new shopping experience for their customers.

Next, we talked to some of the country’s leading retail names. They seemed to love the idea that we could create a location-based click and collect offering that would bring together all of their products alongside those of other high street brands, even those local independents who may not actually have an online presence of their own.

After 10 months of round-the-clock working, YOOHOPP was launched. It will always be the first truly aggregated shopping experience for those of us who want to shop first and then visit.

Today it has over 75 retailers and millions of products. We hope that you love it just as much as we do.

Click here to visit YOOHOPP