Place Visioning

Do you have a vision for your town or city centre? 

A place should have a clear set of vision and values (much like those of CMS) for their area.

A narrative needs to be developed that can form the basis of a ‘manifesto’ going forward which will identify opportunities and priorities which will maximise the development opportunities and potential of the place.

CMS has experience of helping change places for the better by providing place visioning. How can you lead the way in not only shaping the place for the next year or two, but deliver a plan which will impact upon the landscape of your town centre for generations to come? Let us help you on this exciting journey.

Where you’re based and the environment you work in has a lot to do with the projects you’ll deliver for your place but without clear aspirations, you’ll find this difficult to achieve.

Town and city centres changed and businesses within them seek methods which step up and shape the place in which they work.

So ask yourself this… What can you do for your place? How can you lead the way in not only shaping the place for the next year or two, but deliver a plan which will impact upon the landscape of your town centre for generations to come.


Take a look at our managed BID Ipswich Central who have created a strong vision which has committed to produce a shared Delivery Plan for Suffolk’s country plan.

CMS were commissioned by Birmingham City Council to explore the opportunities in Birmingham. We created a comprehensive report titled ' Securing a Brighter Future for Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in Birmingham' which can be read here.