CMSLite is a technical support package of developing and renewing BIDs and is a good example of how a consultancy should provide a clearly defined project with a clearly defined timeline and a clear definition of success.

The i5 stages incorporated into the CMSLite package are Feasibility, Planning, Local Authority, Campaign and Establishment. Each of these stages require knowledge, solutions and must progress at the required pace. Each location poses its own unique challenges which can come from leftfield, but this package provides the assistance and reassurance that these can be overcome.

CMSLite provides a solution for locations who have established on-site teams but require off-site technical support throughout these stages of developing or renewing a BID. As often as required, help, advice and practical assistance is available to guide through each of the i5 stages from a dedicated Manager who is the primary point of contact as well as the experienced wider team when required.

If you would like to find out more about CMSLite please contact Ben Collins on 07803 847668.