Update on Beckenham and Penge

Bromley Council has commissioned Central Management Solutions (CMS), to work with the Beckenham Business Association (BBA) and the Penge Trader’s Association (PTA) to help to develop potential Business Improvement Districts in both areas.

The two locations, which are geographically very close to each other, are nonetheless different in character and will be developed as two separate BIDs with two separate ballot timelines and business plans.

Jackie Groundsell, Chair of the Beckenham Business Association (BBA) commented:

“We are looking forward to working with CMS and learning about how to set up a BID and what benefits it can bring to the area. We have some fantastic businesses here and support anything that will help take us from strength to strength”

Equally, Judy Barrington, Chair of the Penge Trader’s Association (PTA) said:

“high streets are changing everywhere and it is important we keep Penge in step with this. The prospect of a united business voice in our area is exciting and one the Association is keen to look to for the future prosperity of our place. We met the CMS team recently and were heartened by their clear approach to BID development.”

The BID development will also include exploring how the BIDs could potentially share back office services and provide even more frontline delivery.

Councillor Peter Morgan, Bromley Council’s Executive Councillor for Renewal and Recreation commented:

“This is all about giving more control to Beckenham and Penge businesses, ultimately enabling and encouraging more investment, helping businesses improve their town centres.  The next stages of BID development in Beckenham and Penge includes more detailed and in-depth engagement with the business community, led by the respective trade groups,  into what the issues, challenges and opportunities are for them in their own areas.  It will be exciting to see what proposals come forwards and what might be achieved - nationally BIDs are very successful at providing services for their business community and the initial consultation indicates businesses are keen on developing the concept here.”

Paul Clement from Central Management Solutions commented: “We are very much looking forward to working with businesses in Beckenham and Penge in creating business plans that support development and growth of business and place together.  There are so many great examples around the country of projects delivered by BIDs. The real exemplar projects though are where the BID really gets under the skin of the area and understands the specific and individual needs of the place. We intend to work with the Business groups here to help form BIDs that do just that.”

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